Whenever you need to have a Roller Shutter Door repaired or need a spare part, we stock all the Roller Shutter Door Spare Parts related to our products. And you can get it within 24 hours!

Roller Shutter Door Spare Parts include:

  • Shaft
  • Rings on shaft
  • Springs on shaft
  • Stubs on shaft
  • Inner spring shaft
  • End plates
  • Guides
  • T-bar
  • Weather strips
  • Chain wheel set
  • Double reduction chain wheel set
  • Canopy
  • Slats
  • Perforated slats
  • Powder coated slats
  • Perforated powder coated slats

Accessories that we supply:

  • Motor cover box
  • Motor

We live in a country where we always need to secure our possessions, so time is of the essence when it comes to Roller Shutter Door repairs. That is why we ensure that these Roller Shutter Door Spare Parts are always in stock. We endeavour to repair or replace any spare part within 48 hours to give you the added peace of mind that your premises will not be left unsecured.

Roller Shutter Door Spare Parts – Our Service Guarantee!*

Within 48 hours, we:

  • can supply any part
  • can replace or repair any part
  • assess and repair the parts

If it is not done within 48 hours, it is FREE!

*This Service Guarantee is only offered on products that were supplied by us. Terms and Conditions apply. E&OE.